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"This EP was birthed during the winter of 2016 where i hitchhiked from Barcelona to Sagress, where i learned to read notes and play the keys because of the little casio keyboard that was given to me.
SA-i became a full-fledged project during that year and was completed during the winter of 2017. Partly created as an ode to the Casio SA-1 but also as a coming out of seclusion statement..."

All songs written and produced by: Kobie Berkhout aka Boi Mesa


released June 4, 2017

Mixed and mastered by:
Rinze van Dellen & Kobie Berkhout at Sound Rinz and my mom's place

Cover art:
Donita Meeuwsen & Kobie Berkhout

Many thanks to;
My mom Trish for being my best friend and an amazing inspiration, sweet Eline for not only being my greatest support but also for being my beautiful lover.
Irvin for being a brother, believing in me and tolerating my abundance of presence while I was working on my shit at his place. My brother from another mother Delio. Dilara for being wow! Benji the banshee & Luuk Graham aka FilosofischeStilte for being great friends and mentor.
Amelia, Neide, Ines, Daniel, Krystian, Sara, Derrick, Thomas, Ivo, Jonathan, Lucas, Os, Venus and everyone else i've met on my travels through the south.
My grandparents for letting me stay with them during the creation of Too Flow and SA-i. My father and his parents for rekindling our relationship. Colin for being my first and only real mentor.
Also my grandmother Patricia for being a badass. The Sun, water and all other gifts of nature, The Hague and it's music scene for being a hardass. My Dell (eventhough ure a thousand years old) DAW and Sp555 for holding it together...
Kassen Oud & Billy for starting this SA-i madness!

New additions to the family; Nike, Roy, Donita, Boaz, Rinze, Nick, SamaCosa.
And of course Geert for letting us make pictures at his studio

HPC music Support, MIAW & Pip for supporting me and other great artists.

A thank you to the people that have helped shape me, my vision, this EP and the future that's to come. I love you!




Boi Mesa Netherlands

Producer, Singer/songwriter and overall music freak from The Hague.
Instagram; boi_social

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Track Name: Dive (Perspecticals)
Took a look from half a mile away (to see).
Who's the one that took your smile away.

No summize, to my surprise.

So who's fault's it gonna be today.
Always looking for someone to blame.

It's mine, the fault's mine...

Why just dance
If our souls can fly.
Take a chance
and dive.

Please cousin, teach tossing.
Cling to another goal.

Same nothing, stay bluffing.
Straight from that bloody hole.

In due time you to shall see.
Even if tastes wrong.
And if it doesn't come naturally.
Just know that it can take long.

Why just dance
If our souls can fly.
Take a chance
and dive..

I've been looking at the soul from another view.
Inside of me (and) inside of you.

Why just dance
If our souls can fly.
Take a chance
and dive.
Track Name: Sea See
See/sea wind blowing,
fortunate showers.
Change is showing,
forget the hours.

Bound by will so leave..
Wish success to successors...

Baby sea kings stowing,
forging powers.
See/sea wind blowing,
born with prowess.

Inside there's air too, so breathe.
Wish success to successors...
Teachers slowing
Teachings flowing
Born from a little drop,
locked in a state of shock.
Stopped elevated by a heartbeat,
broken blooming crops ready heading for sale shops sail now don't you sea/see.
Don't you sea/see
Track Name: Be Light
Lift up the curse,
but make sure it hurts.
Or else I won't feel a thing.

A message un/misheard.
The quenching of thirst,
will make you understand.


Be Light
Feel Light
See Light
Be Light


Agree with the birds,
not just a flirt.
Currents will take me there.

Choose for the sun,
cuz lifes not a blur.
It just takes time.


Be Light
Feel Light
See Light
Be Light

Track Name: Forever Day
White Sands,
curves just right and averts the nights dance.
Light showers exerts birth with a bright stance.
Earth's not just bound to chains of slight chance.

But with might I stand,
even though we're sleepless.
The sparks emitted are keepers.
Luckily in limbo.

With a clear view,
in an orange hue.
Everything is warmer,
even the coldest blue.

Make peace with our demons,
start smiling with our shadows to.
They might be kinda creepy,
but know that they are part of you.

Night's nice,
but confusing.
Never know if it's true

Intertwined with all these secrets.
Feels like falling down an endless hole.

Forever day